Former Mexican President and Former Microsoft CEO Wants to Create the Starbucks of Pot Stores

On September 14th the Washington State Liquor Control Board will begin taking license applications to either produce or process marijuana

Former Microsoft bigwig Jamen Shiveley announced this week that he’s creating the first national marijuana brand and that he eventually hopes to build the company up to be the Starbucks of recreational pot. To accomplish that, he eventually plans to break down international drug laws and import cannabis grown in Mexico.

Why Would-be Marijuana Moguls HaveTheir Work Cut Out for Them

Everybody take a deep breath.

Still, there’s a sense that opinions on the issue are changing. And what if five years from now—a generous timeline—the national government sees the benefits of legalization and re-classifies marijuana as a controlled substance like tobacco or alcohol, not heroin and cocaine? Won’t the pot entrepreneurs of today…