Cannabis Cafes Could Set Up Shop In Berlin

Legally buying a few grams of marijuana might soon become reality in Berlin. Kreuzberg district's new mayor, Monika Herrmann, has plans to open Germany's first cannabis coffee shop.

GERMANY: When Monika Herrmann took office as Berlin Kreuzberg’s mayor in August, she made cannibis legalization a priority. It’s a topic igniting controversy in the city’s capital, especially with German federal elections set for Sept. 22.

Delta 9 MMJ Dispensary Opening In Seattle SODO Neighborhood

Stephanie Viskovich is opening Delta 9 dispensary in SODO neighborhood of Seattle.

WASHINGTON: Two doors down from Jimmy John’s sandwich shop on 1st Avenue South in Seattle, Stephanie Viskovich is opening up a marijuana dispensary, Delta 9.

Will Growing Marijuana Ever Be A Legitimate Profession?

88 percent of all Michigan medical marijuana patients currently pay full price, and those individuals would see their two-year fee drop from $100 to $60

COLORADO: To many residents of Middle America, the idea of growing marijuana as a legitimate livelihood seems like the stuff of TV shows. For an increasing number of entrepreneurial farmers in states that have relaxed laws, however, marijuana has turned into a profitable venture that provides economic advancement and a decent form of employment.

Who Will Win Colorado's Marijuana Ad Dollars?

Marijuana ads on billboards, taxi decals, and fliers, meanwhile, are banned under the new regulations.

COLORADO: Colorado, which decriminalized recreational marijuana last year, has become the first state to publish retail sales and marketing regulations for the virgin weed market. The new laws, detailed this week in a 136-page document, may help steer pot shop ad dollars to an unlikely beneficiary: old-school print media.

Colorado Hashes Out Weed Advertising Rules

Colorado weed vendors will be able to advertise on statewide television, radio, and newspapers, though they'll be subject to certain constraints.

COLORADO: The Colorado Department of Revenue this week released a 136-page document detailing how the state will regulate retail sales and marketing of recreational marijuana.The document, published Tuesday, makes clear that weed vendors will be able to advertise on statewide television, radio, and newspapers, though they’ll be subject to certain constraints. Both Colorado and Washington decriminalized the recreational use of Read the full article…