Yom Chai Forms Strategic Partnership With Israeli Research and Development Company Kaneh-B

Partnership Will Conduct Scientific Clinical Trials On ADHD; Distribute Approved European Dermal Products

ISRAEL:  Yom Chai has entered into a strategic partnership with Kaneh-B to co-found the development and clinical validation of a range of cannabis based ADHD products.

yom chaiYom Chai’s objective is to conduct scientific trials in Israel utilizing various Cannabinoid and Terpene profiles with the goal of realizing multiple successful discoveries (outcomes). Yom Chai’s goal is to bridge the gap between patients and doctors to bring scientifically validated products to market.

Scot Albert, COO of Yom Chai said, “We are excited to be working with Ofer Segal CEO and Yahav Blaicher Co-Founder of Kaneh-B to formulate, manufacture, and distribute world class Cannabis based products to the international marketplace.”

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