Women In Pot Business Gather In Bend, Oregon

OREGON:  Lisa Page, a former Dairy Queen manager in Missoula, Montana, recently moved to Central Oregon, after a short stint in New Jersey, to grow marijuana for Lunchbox Alchemy, a Bend business run by her daughter and son-in-law.

Page and her partner bought 30 acres near Alfalfa and plan on putting in a crop, she said. The marijuana they intend to grow will be processed, the active ingredients extracted and turned into medicinal products.

“We’re just going to do our best to grow the different strains of marijuana,” said Page, 61. “When David, (her partner), and I came out, we asked point blank, ‘what is the part of your business holding you back?’

“Supply,” was the answer.

Page and her daughter, Ashlie Yee, 35, were among about 40 people, mostly women, at the first local gathering Thursday of Women Grow, a nationwide group of women marijuana entrepreneurs.


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