Why Washington’s Marijuana Businesses Wouldn’t Mind Some Competition In Oregon

WASHINGTON:  Washington state in 2012 made history as one of the first states in the nation to legalize marijuana. So far, it’s been a financial boon for the state — retail stores have reaped millions since they opened in July.

New Vansterdam in the city of Vancouver — just north of Portland, Oregon — is one of the best performing marijuana stores in the state. By the end of September, the store had made $1.6 million in revenues. Owner Brian Budz credits the store’s success to his service-oriented staff, as well as the store’s proximity to Portland.

“If we were somewhere else, I really just don’t think we would have the foot traffic that we have,” Budz told CBS News. Thanks to the nearby Portland International Airport, he said, “we get calls from people saying, ‘What time are you open, I’ve got 2 hours, can I come by?'”

Meanwhile, Portlanders can zip over the Columbia River to Vancouver in as quickly as 10 minutes, via the I-5 bridge or the I-205 bridge, to enjoy marijuana where it’s legal.


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