Why Washington State’s Pot Industry Could Be The Most Profitable

WASHINGTON:  The dominos are starting to fall.

Just six months ago the state of Colorado became the first jurisdiction to legalize the recreational consumption of marijuana. This week it was the state of Washington’s turn to drop its pot prohibition, handing-out its first recreational marijuana retail licenses this Monday. And there are at least eight other states lined up behind them that are either considering or are already in the process of doing the same.

But while Colorado has had a six month head start over Washington in creating a whole new industry around the cannabis plant, don’t be surprised to see Washington overtake Colorado in marijuana grow-ops and production.
It’s not so much that Washingtonians are more given to smoking marijuana than Coloradans. It has more to do with the plant itself. Cannabis is a pretty demanding weed, and Washington seems better equipped to fulfill its needs more so than Colorado.

What’s That Haze Over Washington State?

The peculiarly smelling haze over the state of Washington is the bellowing cloud of a new industry all fired up and ready to make money. Everyone is fired up and ready to take part, from marijuana growers to retailers to consumers, and of course, even the state taxman.


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