Why Tech Innovators Are High On The Prospects For Legalized Marijuana

As legalization slowly but surely spreads across the country, growers will be looking for somewhere to turn to get specialized support, tools and resources for their unique craft.

COLORADO:  While the tech industry soldiers on mightily in search of disruptive, game-changing, TED-worthy apps, SaaS platforms, and amplified monetization plays, a few brave souls have taken the proverbial off-ramp in search of the next big thing. Experts estimate that the highly fragmented $2.3 billion US legal cannabis industry will increase to $10.2 billion by 2018.

Tom Bollich, the artificial intelligence-savvy robotics engineer who co-founded Zynga, is betting on that boom. As director and CEO of Surna Inc., he’s gone from virtual goods in Farmville to a pure play on explosive growth in the cannabis industry. Bollich’s Surna produces water-chilled climate control systems, designed for legal marijuana growers but applicable to other hydroponic agriculture needs.

Why would a whiz kid who grew Zynga to a $10 billion market valuation make the pivot from a gaming industry to the promise of the cannabis industry? I contacted him in a written interview, and the explanation is more naturally progressive than you might think.


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