While Waiting For Marijuana To Be Legalized, Businesses In O.C. Set Up Shop And Hope

CALIFORNIA:  In an office park near John Wayne Airport sit the headquarters of Terra Tech Corp., modern and non-descript, photos lining the walls of the butterhead lettuce, rosemary and mint sold under the company’s Edible Garden label. Not much suggests this company is building around the marijuana industry.

Terra Tech’s other main business, GrowOp Technology, sells hydroponic growing equipment from filtration systems to the Big Bud, a mobile growing facility set up in a 53-foot trailer.

CEO Derek Peterson predicts California could go the way of Colorado and legalize marijuana for recreational use as soon as 2016. He’s building Terra Tech to be well-positioned if and when that happens.

“There’s risk in everything that we’re doing,” Peterson said. “The reality is we’re making hydroponic products that we know are being used to make and grow marijuana. … We know people aren’t buying mobile containers to grow lettuce.”

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