Where Can You Grow, Process and Sell Recreational Marijuana Legally in Everett?

WASHINGTON: On September 14th the Washington State Liquor Control Board will begin taking license applications from people in Everett who want to either produce marijuana for retail sale, process marijuana into forms in which it can be consumed or sell marijuana to the general public. Currently Everett has no rules on the books regarding legal use of marijuana under I-502. Everett does have prohibitions in place for medical marijuana collective gardens within the city limits. That prohibition is in effect until June 30, 2014 but is completely separate from recreational marijuana use. The Everett Planning Commission is still struggling with what recommendations to make to the Everett City Council regarding the three prongs of the recreational marijuana industry.

For producers, there is no cap on how many plants can be grown in any single location. Nor are there any rules regarding controlling odors that may emit from marijuana growing operations. The planning commission is expected to propose zoning laws to regulate the growing side of the process.

The second issue facing the city is the processing of marijuana into various usable forms. While most people are aware of smoking marijuana it can also be ingested by eating it in various foods, inhaling it as a vapor, drinking it as a beverage, taken in capsule form or even using it as a suppository. The city of Everett will have to decide how far producers will have to be from processors and if it will allow combination production-processing facilities.

The third issue facing Everett planners and lawmakers is where to allow retail sales of marijuana. Under the proposed guidelines a producer or processor cannot have a financial interest in an entity licensed as a retailer. The city’s planning department has spoken about recommending a limited approach with two or three places within the city where retail marijuana sales would be allowed. The number of retail locations could be expanded once the city sees how the retail operations work. One problem however, is the city of Everett has no idea how many people will want to sell marijuana in Everett nor do they have any idea how many licenses the Washington State Liquor Control Board will issue.


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