What Are The Marijuana Advertising Restrictions In Washington?

WASHINGTON:  It’s hard to succeed in an industry without advertising, any industry. But it’s particularly difficult in a new, emerging industry like the marijuana industry. There are very strict rules in Washington when it comes to marijuana business advertising. If you are in the industry, or trying to get into the industry, you need to be aware of what you can and cannot do. Below are the rules, per the Washington State Liquor Control Board:

1: Advertising by retail licensees. The board limits each retail licensed premises to one sign identifying the retail outlet by the licensee’s business name or trade name that is affixed or hanging in the windows or on the outside of the premises that is visible to the general public from the public right of way. The size of the sign is limited to 1,600 square inches.

2. General. All marijuana advertising and labels of useable marijuana and marijuana-infused products sold in the state of Washington may not contain any statement, or illustration that:

    1. Is false or misleading;
    2. Promotes over consumption;
    3. Represents the use of marijuana has curative or therapeutic effects;
    4. Depicts a child or other person under legal age to consume marijuana, or includes:
      • Objects, such as toys, characters, or cartoon characters suggesting the presence of a child, or any other depiction designed in any manner to be especially appealing to children or other persons under legal age to consume marijuana; or
      • Is designed in any manner that would be especially appealing to children or other persons under twenty-one years of age.
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