Seattle Marijuana Farmers Readying First Crop For Retail Sales

WASHINGTON: Aspiring marijuana retailers will soon learn whether they’ve landed a coveted license to sell pot legally in Washington. And growers are already hard at work to make sure there’ll be plenty of product as soon as possible.

At a non-descript warehouse at the foot of Seattle’s Magnolia bluff, thousands of marijuana plants in various states of growth rise up towards the artificial light moving on tracks above.

Sea of Green Farms was among the first to be granted a license to grow and process marijuana when the state began issuing licenses in March. It was the culmination of a year of work for partners Phillip Tobias and Bob Leeds, co-founders of the growing venture (pun intended).

“We tried to anticipate what the state would ask for,” he says of their preparation. “We got together a partnership, a business plan and got a piece of property, then made sure we were ready,” says Leeds.

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