Washington Marijuana Grower Suggests New Businesses Start Small

WASHINGTON:  Vendors met at the Oregon Hemp Convention this weekend in Portland. They showed off premium seeds and special insurance policies for pot farms.

Washington reported $64 million in pot sales last year. But some growers at the convention said they’re struggling to stay in business.

There are a few things you should know about Washington marijuana grower Tina Cox. First, she knows agriculture. She used to grow potatoes in Eastern Washington. And second, she can’t smoke marijuana. Cox is allergic.   “Yeah, I can’t breathe or swallow. It’s kind of scary,” she says.

Cox says her first year of growing marijuana has been hard. She’s paid a lot of taxes. She’s worked with so-called master growers who had less experience than they claimed. And at one point she was watering 1,100 plants twice a day by hand.   “I lost horribly because I took on more than I could physically and financially handle,” said Cox.

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