Washington Licensees Target Of Phishing Scam: WSLCB

Potential Phishing Email Directed at Washington Licensees

WASHINGTON: The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB), the regulatory agency overseeing the state’s licensed cannabis program, issued a warning to this morning that it’s seed-to-sale tracking system had been hacked.

In an email entitled, “Potential Phishing Email Directed at Licensees” the WSLCB alerts licensees about a phony email containing malware:

“The fake email appears to be from MJ Freeway with the subject listed as ‘MJ Freeway Data Request.’  The message is not from a domain owned by MJ Freeway nor connected with MJ Freeway in any way.  It could be a phishing scheme (meant to grab data from you or download a virus into your computer).  Please delete the email without clicking any of the links.”

Potential Phishing Email Directed at Licensees

Potential Phishing Email Directed at Licensees

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