Washington Governor Lays Down Marijuana Law: No Cartoons On Sales Packages

WASHINGTON:  Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee said Washingtonians may be allowed to smoke marijuana for recreational use, but that drug sales and marketing packaging put together under his watch won’t be allowed to carry cartoon images, or hit the store shelves without some sort of tamper-proof device to keep out the kids.

“We’re not going to allow cartoons, we’re not going to allow toys” to be sold as a gimmick with the marijuana products, Mr. Inslee said at a news conference to discuss how the state is going to keep legalize pot out of the hands of the younger-than-21 crowd, Raw Story reported.

He also said the state is going to implement strict rules about active ingredient labels on the marijuana packages and require sales people to submit to state-regulated lab tests to ensure product quality.

The first recreational pot sales licenses are set to be issued by the state’s Liquor Control Board on July 7.

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