Upscale Marijuana Is Moving Online

Although California has yet to legalize recreational marijuana use, the estimated annual cannabis harvest in Humboldt County alone is greater than the yearly demand in Colorado several times over.

CALIFORNIA:  The parking lot at Wonderland Nursery is often full of Ford F-150s belonging to area growers, who have come to pick up clones — stem cuttings of cannabis that have been replanted — and glean advice for their crops. The airy, two-story facility sits on the outskirts of Garberville, Calif., a little hub of civilization and commerce amid the far-spread farms shrouded in the hills.

When I visited, a few nursery workers, in the process of making more clones from plant cuttings, passed around a joint in the unassuming manner workers in a different place of business might gather at the watercooler. Owner Kevin Jodrey says they’re actually not supposed to smoke in the shop, but “you know how it goes from time to time.”

If you want to get wonky about cannabis cultivation, Jodrey’s nursery has a vast genetic library, and he has helped people with everything from arthritis to late-stage leukemia find the right strain and cannabinoid ratio to treat themselves.


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  1. Anke Wallace says

    I have multiple sclerosis,rsds,fibromyalgia,neurogenic bladder,and pstd.
    I do not know who to contact but I am tired of being in so much pain. I have been quitting some of the pharmecuticals,but I have to replace what I am taking for pain to something else.
    I am getting no relief as a Veteran so I do not mind asking for help.
    Anke Wallace

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