Updated County Count: 1,326 Applications Submitted For Marijuana Licenses In Washington

WASHINGTON: The latest number of applications submitted to grow, produce products from and sell marijuana in Washington has jumped to 1,326, up from 585 just two weeks ago.

As we said before, competition in the new legal marijuana market established by I-502 and the Liquor Control Board looks to be rather robust.

Not all of the applications will be good ones. Many were submitted by the same business/person. Some cities and counties have moratoriums or outright bans on marijuana businesses. But the liquor board has said it will issue licenses even for areas of the state that don’t want pot businesses. Those cities and counties will likely face lawsuits for attempting to ban businesses permitted by state law.

But, hey, why get all worked up about that now?

Now is the time to marvel at the sheer raw interest and commitment to grow and sell marijuana in a legal system. Also, we’re only about halfway into the application window. On Nov. 18 the window for applying opened, and it doesn’t close until Dec. 19.

There were 1,326 applications received by Tuesday morning, or at least by the time the LCB produced its second spreadsheet of applications and published it. The board plans to publish an updated list every Tuesday.

The board will license up to 334 marijuana retail stores statewide with no limit set on the number of growers or producers. However, the board has set a cap for total marijuana production in the state at 2 million square feet of canopy. So far, 635 applications have come in for growing and 461 for producing products from cannabis. There were 230 retail applications.


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