These Marijuana Bouquets For Colorado Couples Are A Brand-New Way To Say Happy Valentine’s Day

COLORADO:  Colorado couples might have the most mellow Valentine’s Day ever this year. That’s because florists in the state, where recreational marijuana has been legal since 2012, are now offering marijuana bouquets for Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those ideas that one might have first dreamed up when they were, well, high, but it also makes perfect sense. Cannabis is a plant and can make a fetching accent piece to flower bouquets, and for Colorado couples who partake in it, there’s no better way to say “I love you” than with pot.

Cindy Ollig, who owns the floral shop The Perfect Petal in Denver Highlands, described the process of ordering a pot bouquet to USA Today:

We just work with you to come up with something really beautiful that you like, an arrangement, and we select colors and put the design together, and then we’ll artistically place the bud into the arrangement so that it looks gorgeous.

It’s just kind of cool how the bright greens of the plant and buds go so well with fuchsia and hot pink tones. Marijuana just kind of naturally lends itself to a perfect Valentine’s Day palette. Plus, there’s so many different strains now. A lot of them are so delicate and beautiful and really work well with floral composition.


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