The Venice Cookie Company Introduces Their Rebranded Chocolate Chew: The 4.20 Bite

CALIFORNIA: Looks like the cannabis industry is officially mainstream and household brands have taken notice.  The popular California based medicinal cannabis edibles company The Venice Cookie Company has caught the attention of candy giant Tootsie Roll Industries.  Medical cannabis patients throughout the state have been enjoying The Venice Cookie Company’s Tai’s Cute lil’ Tootsies for years.  However, Tootsie Roll thinks that name is too close for comfort and has asked The Venice Cookie Company to stop using the moniker.

The Venice Cookie Company co-founder Kenny Morrison explains, “I was inspired to make this product when I saw the cute lil’ toes on our Chef’s baby.  Patients are always looking for a small, discreet edible and it just made sense to name our bite sized chews after those sweet little toes.”  Nevertheless, The Venice Cookie Company was more than happy to comply with the Tootsie Roll Industries’ request.  The edibles company has entered into an agreement to stop using the word “Tootsie” and has made various efforts to alert collectives that they can no longer carry the edible branded “Tai’s Cute lil Tootsies.”  The product has been rebranded The 4.20 Bite.  Patients can find the same product they know and love repackaged with the familiar 4.20 logo used on The Venice Cookie Company’s 4.20 Bars.

The Venice Cookie Company can no longer display the word “tootsie” on their packaging or website beyond the date of September 20, 2014.  Collectives should exchange their remaining product for the rebranded 4.20 Bites by calling The Venice Cookie Company office at 310-868-1439.  These cannabis infused, chocolate chews are available in single or three-packs.  Each little 4.20 Bite contains 20mg THC and is vegetarian and gluten-free.


  1. Daniel Eaton says

    I live outside of Las Vegas in Henderson, NV. I am a card carring member of the Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient program and was wondering where I could review / purchase your edibles. I would love to try your chocolate chews, which I have heard nothing but GREAT things about. I would like to check out your other edibles you produce. If you would email me a website or information on where to purchase your goods that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and I hope, assistance.

    Thank you, Dan Eaton

  2. Norine says

    I cannot find the chocolate chews anywhere. Canna Clinic in Torrance closed. I go to Green Gorilla. They do not sell your brand.

  3. Je5 says

    I heard Venice Cookie Company closed their doors I don’t know if this is true or not I’m not finding anything on the web all I normally buy is Bagel Bites and now my store no longer carries them because they’re saying Venice close their doors. is this true?


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