The Marijuana Industry’s Accidental Entrepreneurs

COLORADO:  With more states legalizing the use of marijuana for medical and even recreational purposes, more entrepreneurs are going into the pot business. Some are opening dispensaries, some are starting grow houses and some are baking up a mass-market version of “hash brownies” or other edible products.

And then there’s Mike LeBlanc and Rick Simler. They’re just looking to sell plastic containers.

LeBlanc and Simler are marketing specially designed containers — think plus-size childproof pill bottles — that are often required of dispensaries in states where marijuana can be legally sold. (And in such states, laws governing packaging can be very specific, since the goal is to keep pot out of the hands of minors, just as is the case with prescription drugs.) But LeBlanc and Simler, whose company, Compliant Cannabis Packaging, is based in the marijuana industry epicenter of Colorado, aren’t pot professionals by trade. In their regular lives, they work for a packaging company, Lenertz Industrial Supply. Still, they saw an opportunity to take their knowledge and sales savvy when it comes to packaging and apply it to pot, so they started Compliance Cannabis Packaging as a division of Lenertz and began offering dispensaries a product that they say is better than what’s currently available.


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