The Marijuana Biz Comes To Houston This Weekend

TEXAS:  Got a good pot product you want to pitch? Well, you’re in luck. The Marijuana Investment Conference will be happening this weekend, and it will take place right in our fair city.

That’s right — the Bayou City is about to be home to quite a few weed deals, and unlike what’s been happening under the table for years, these will all be quite legal.

According to the folks in charge of MIC, the conference, which is running Sunday and Monday at the Westin Hotel in Memorial, is meant to connect investors and entrepreneurs who are focused on the big business of marijuana. Like connecting grow-light or hydroponics businesses with legal growers in states that have reformed their marijuana laws.

Gone are the days of those shady deals touting bongs as “tobacco pipes.” Early-stage companies who are looking for funding will be able to pitch their ideas to investors looking for their next big marijuana money-maker, all in a very legal, organized setting.


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