The Dream Of Marijuana Business Is Alive In Portland

TwiceBakedinWA speaks to an audience of cannabis entrepreneurs at Portland MJBA Meetup.

By TwicebakedinWA

OREGON: Yesterday I traveled with the Marijuana Business Association to Portland, OR where about 75 local cannabis entrepreneurs gathered at the Lucky Labrador for the monthly MJBA Meetup.

It would appear that the dream of running a marijuana business in Portland is alive and strong. The diverse group of business professionals who came out were very enthusiastic for what is happening in Oregon’s newly forming cannabis industry, even while many of them still seem to be figuring out exactly how they will fit into it.

I was reminded of what it felt like to be in a room of cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in Washington,  even just a year ago. A lot of the people who attended the networking event were just starting to “come ou”t to the business world, their friends, and their family that they are into weed and might even get into the business of it.  It makes me smile to think of the progression of my own journey out of the weed closet — from in the shadows to being broadcast all over the internet!

I left the MJBA Portland Meetup somewhat amused how people there view Washington kind of like a competitive sister state. I heard a few times that people think Oregon is ‘going to get it right’ and be the model for the rest of the world looking to legalize. I wonder if those people will still feel that way after a year of dealing with the OLCC as they navigate an industry that is literally changing day by day.

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    I live in Clark Co., so even though we’re a bedroom community to Portland, where my heart and soul are, legally I’m tied to the laws and commerce around weed as defined by Washington state – until now.

    I’m proud that I voted for the measure that allowed legal RMJ, but disheartened by its roll-out in many ways. I don’t know about the “competitive” sibling analogy, but certainly the the “older, groundbreaking” sibling to be sure.

    My take is that for all the headaches and growing pains that WA has gone through, OR wants to avoid those, but the feeling is pretty collaborative. We see what worked and what didn’t – and we’ll learn from that.

    No truer words have been spoken however about working with the OLLC – unlike WA still about Liquor and CONTROL.. Not to mention a snake pit of (possibly toxic) personalities led by a man who has taken a prominent stand against legal MJ.

    Love the support of all the Seattle MJBA organizers – and I gotta know where I can get that song!

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