State Seeking Applications To Grow, Sell Medical Marijuana

CONNECTICUT: The state began accepting applications for growers and sellers of medical marijuana Friday.

The state plans to award licenses to three producers – the minimum number, according to the program’s regulations – although it may award more if decides that it’s necessary. The state expects to award licenses for three to five dispensaries, preferably evenly distributed throughout the state.

William Rubenstein, commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection, which oversees the medical marijuana program, said the department decided to go with the minimum number of producers based on what appears to be the demand for medical marijuana. As of Friday, he said, there are “900-something” patients who have been certified for medical marijuana usage.

If there’s a significant increase in certified patients before Nov. 15 – the deadline for applications – Rubenstein said the state might award more licenses. If there’s a significant increase in certified patients, Rubenstein said the state will put out another request for applications.

The regulations prohibits awarding more than 10 licenses for producers.

The state department of consumer protection posted the request for applications Friday afternoon on its website. The department was waiting for the secretary of state’s office to post the regulations for the medical marijuana program on its website.

Nov. 15 is the deadline for applications. There’s a $25,000 fee to apply for a producer’s license and a $1,000 application fee.

The licenses will be awarded on a competitive basis. Each application will be gived a score – 2,650 is the higest possible score – based on nine categories. The greatest emphasis will be placed on the applicants’ business plans and their financial statements and organizational structure.


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