Safety First: Are Security Requirements For Legal Pot Grows Enough?

Marijuana growing security asks: What about gangs, cartels, kids with guns, dishonest employees?

WASHINGTON:  Washington state’s new pot grow operations have state-required alarm systems, dozens of cameras and tall fences. But some growers said they aren’t worried about theft and violence.

Should they be?

Pot farmer Susy Wilson doesn’t like keys and locks much. Wilson’s farm is in the Columbia Gorge. She’s not too security driven in her life, but at her pot farm she doesn’t have a choice.

“My feeling is that if people are coming in with guns a blazing then I need to get out,” Wilson said. “Otherwise, what is it that I have to worry about? Someone crawling over the fence and stealing a bud?”


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  1. Angalee Jones says

    Look at that barren land…Cannabis should be growing all over the land and enriching it. Cannabis was growing freely for 120,000 years and harmed nobody only being illegal has caused any harm to people or animals or the land. Farmers grew this plant and the whole world benefited. Competing business monopolies have kept this plant from being the aid to our lives it always has been. Many of our problems could be greatly improved just by allowing Cannabis to be grown as much and as soon as possible world wide. We don’t need more factories and industry and exports we needs to save the planet and it’s inhabitants. Cannabis is food, medicine, fiber, building material, paper, saves forests, a fuel, can replace plastics and is biodegradable. Outlawing Cannabis/Hemp is destroying our planet and it has caught up with us.

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