Right Brand Name Gives Marijuana Strain A Higher Value

CALIFORNIA:  Adam Orenstein spent years cross-breeding marijuana plants before arriving at his proud new strain, a tall stalky plant frosted with white crystally hairs prized by growers and smokers. But before releasing it to the public, he and his partners toiled over one of the most crucial steps: giving it the proper name.

“It’s like any other business. Branding is so important,” said Orenstein, 48, a “master cultivator” for Studio City dispensary Buds and Roses.

They eventually settled on Super Strawberry, a nod to the group’s last award-winning strain, Strawberry Cough. The new plant, they say, has the same fruity aroma but a more balanced high, aimed at lifting users off the couch and inspiring creativity.

Pot has always commanded an abundance of nicknames. But with legalization taking it out from the shadows, purveyors of the pungent herb are christening their newest strains with the care of commercial marketers.


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