Pot Start-Ups Get Chance To Pitch VCs

Investors hope by taking cannabis to a new, scientifically improved, corporate level they can rake in the cash.

CALIFORNIA:  So you’ve heard this one before: Venture capitalists are in San Francisco to hear start-up pitches. Well, this time the story’s not about tech. It’s about cannabis.

The crowd at the grand ballroom of The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco earlier this week could have been at any tech investment event. Everyone’s dressed in businesswear and talking start-up lingo. But the entrepreneurs are pitching things like a medical marijuana delivery app, gluten-free low-glycemic edibles and $20,000 glass guitars and banjos that double as bongs.

Yes, you heard that right: glass instruments from Seattle’s Sasquatch Glass that can make music or be used to smoke marijuana — potentially both at the same time. I am not sure, as I did not test one.


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