Pot Needs a Corporate Brand Identity, Says Entrepreneur

The recently converted cannabis smoker is undeterred by regulations that make it difficult to create a chain of marijuana shops.
Coffee has Starbucks, soft drinks have Coca-Cola, burgers have McDonald’s — but what brand identity does marijuana have?

With names like “Lemon Kush,” “Bubblelicious,” “Spermblaster” and “Hairy Mary,” buyers of recreational and medical marijuana have only a hazy idea of what they’re actually getting.
Leave it to a middle-age, bespectacled former Microsoft executive to come up with a marijuana brand that will have the same kind of consistency and consumer identity now enjoyed by other corporate products.
Jamen Shively, 45, had never smoked marijuana until about 18 months ago, according to the Seattle Times. “I’ve just fallen in love with the plant,” Shively said. “Especially in the medical realm, I’ve gone from entrepreneur to advocate to activist, seriously.”
Shively is now looking for investors to raise $10 million in startup money to purchase dispensaries in the 18 states (plus Washington, D.C.) where medical marijuana is currently legal.
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