Pot luck: Owners Of Colorado's Latest Multimillion Dollar Industry

COLORADO:  It’s a bona fide industry that is officially only five days old – but represents hundreds of millions of dollars.

As Colorado comes close to closing out the first week of its ‘green rush’, with recreational marijuana stores legally allowed to sell the drug from January 1 under revolutionary new state laws, official sales figures and profit margins have started rolling in.

‘Adult use’ pot is projected to be a $208 million industry in Colorado this year – on top of the $250 million projected to be spent on medical marijuana, Betty Aldworth, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, told CNN.

One business alone, the Lodo Wellness Center in Denver, which is described as a ’boutique’ marijuana store that is cash-only, recorded $10,000 in sales in the first few hours of Wednesday.

While the owners, married couple Donald and Linda Andrews – who started the store in 2000 as a medical marijuana dispensary, foreseeing the substance one day becoming legal –  told CNN they made more in one day than they would normally in one month.Although not divulging the figure, the pair said they served about 1,000 customers, with the majority buying an eighth of an ounce, priced between $40 and $50. 

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