Pot Lottery Winners Already Cashing In

WASHINGTON: The wheeling and dealing has started for lottery-winning pot-store locations.

Seattle-based C & C Shop, which struck out in the recent lottery, announced it bought Bremerton’s Better Buds, a lottery winner.

“We placed another bet on this new industry’s future,” said Pete O’Neil, spokesman for C & C, which applied for stores in Bremerton, Lynnwood and Seattle.

O’Neil’s team bought the assets of Better Buds from owner Dave Comeau for $150,000. Comeau also gets $10,000 per month, or 10 percent of the Bremerton store’s net revenue, in perpetuity, Comeau said.

The lottery is expected to kick off a flurry of activity — a “green rush” — pot entrepreneur Ryan Kunkel called it — as losers try to partner with winners for the state’s proposed 334 stores across the state.


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