No word on reopening medical marijuana dispensary

Medical Marijuana

NEW JERSEY: New Jersey’s sole medical marijuana dispensary closed this summer without warning, leaving registered patients with a tough choice. They would have to cope with severe nausea, muscle spasms, seizures and pain without the medication, or make a purchase underground, risking arrest. “It’s very frustrating for patients, even tragic,” said Roseanne Scotti, director of the New Jersey Drug Policy Alliance, a research group that advocates for the legalization of marijuana. “Many say, thank God for the illegal market.”

Some patients, she said, are terminally ill and have little time to wait for the Greenleaf Compassion Center to reopen. Greenleaf, in Montclair, near New York City, stopped selling cannabis in June. It had been open only six months.

It had to “shut temporarily to restock. We’re trying to find out when they’re reopening,” Scotti said, adding that she had not received any return calls for weeks. The nonprofit’s founders, Julio Valentin and Joe Stevens, have not returned several calls from The Inquirer in recent weeks.

Greenleaf’s website and Facebook page give no hint that the dispensary is closed – or that it is still in business.

On June 28, Valentin told the Newark Star-Ledger that Greenleaf would be closed for about two weeks “to build up a surplus of quality medicine.” He said some of the crop was “inferior” with some plants producing little product.


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