Newly Legal Pot To Be Delayed Weeks, If Not Months, In Boulder County

COLORADO:  Marijuana opens for business in Colorado on Jan. 1 — but not in Boulder County.

More than a hundred state licenses for retail marijuana stores have been issued in Denver, but just one in all of Boulder County. Marijuana businesses also need local approval, and a web of regulations means even that business — The Canary’s Song in Nederland — won’t be able to sell pot to the general public until late January at the earliest.

In Denver, 14 pot shops so far have received the local approval needed to open Jan. 1.

Yet in seemingly weed-friendly Boulder, recreational marijuana won’t be available for sale until late February at the earliest and more likely March or April, regulators, store owners and industry experts said.

 That’s because Boulder won’t start taking license applications until Jan. 2, and the state won’t accept applications from businesses in jurisdictions that aren’t currently accepting applications.


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