New York‘s Medicinal Marijuana Program Doomed To Fail

NEW YORK:  New York’s medicinal marijuana program is designed to fail unless the regulations are changed.

In a rush to get medicinal marijuana legalized, the legislation’s supporters agreed to just about anything so long as the bill would pass. Now as the first round of regulation language is scrutinized, it’s becoming clear that this program is planned to be a money losing proposition – much like New Jersey’s program.

New Jersey’s strict limits on patient population that have resulted in one real dispensary for the entire state.

The Garden State Dispensary stated that when it opened it needed at least 3,000 patients to break even financially and currently, there are only 2342 patients registered in the state. Evan Nison of the New York Cannabis Alliance and NJ NORML said “I would characterize the situation in New Jersey as a failure,”


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  1. Joshua Tadlock says

    Reform for cannabis, and Hemp is such a critical issue in the world but especially the U.S. It often gets giggles or a non chalant reaction because of the lies and motives of others. There has to be not only a revolution, but a seriousness of education,comittment to spread the word. That doesn’t mean a rush to settle for anything less than what we all deserve. The right to know the truth, and the right to have our freedom protected and it to be restored. Our country is ill, in so many ways, we should ask ourselves , “why is cannabis so demonized and why has the government fought so hard on this plant” When you ask yourself that, you will see how blatantly we have been wronged. All we have to do is all join and make a change for what’s right.

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