N.J.'s only medical marijuana dispensary closing temporarily

NEW JERSEY: Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair — New Jersey’s only operating medical marijuana dispensary — will be closed for about two weeks to build up a surplus of “quality medicine,” one of its co-founders, Julio Valentin, said today.

Patients were notified by phone this week that all appointments were cancelled until further notice. When the supply is built up, Greenleaf will call them back, Valentin told The Star-Ledger.

The shortage arose because about 10 percent of its crop this month was “inferior,” Valentin said. Other plants did not yield the quantity they had anticipated, he added.

The center also remains overwhelmed by the demand, as it has have since it opened in December, he added. They see about 150 patients on a regular basis, with a waiting list of several hundred people in the seven-county north Jersey area they were licensed to serve, Valentin said. The center was accepting patients from all corners of the state until March, when it began limiting new clients to north Jersey.

“We need another two weeks, perhaps,” Valentin said. “We are trying to build our supply up so we never have to close again. We are living harvest to harvest.”

The news came as a surprise to the state Health Department, which monitors Greenleaf, and alarmed at least one glaucoma patient who said she will be forced to risk arrest and buy marijuana on the street because the dispensary’s medicine has brought her relief.


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