More Pot Packaging Battles Loom As Legislative Session Nears

COLORADO:  Marijuana entrepreneur Nick Brown prefers education to regulation when it comes to the packaging, production and marketing of edible pot products so they stay out of the hands (and mouths) of kids.

“With cannabis, parents really need to explain the edible side of things to their children,” Brown said. “You really could end up in the hospital or at least think you need to go to the hospital if you consume too much of an edible product – the gummy bears, the cookies, the brownies.”

That educational focus is understandable coming from Brown, an owner of High Country Healing and its seven retail and medical outlets in Silverthorne, Colorado Springs and Alma. The Princeton grad says his career arc in the pot biz dispels many marijuana myths.

“I’ve consumed cannabis the majority of my life – I’m 32 years old – and I’ve never done a hard drug in my life,” he said. “It’s been the opposite of a gateway drug for me. I was actually the Colorado Football Player of the Year in high school and then I ended up playing football at Princeton for four years while consuming cannabis the whole time. I graduated in four years.”

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