MJ Research Report: New Retail Stores Continue To Fuel Marijuana Sales Growth

By Joe Armes

WASHINGTON: With less than 7 weeks of recorded sales in 2015, Washington State’s recreational cannabis industry has already inked sales of nearly half of what it recorded in 2014. So far this year combined producer processor sales have totaled nearly $30M compared to just over $65M for 2014. Opening of new retail stores continues to fuel healthy sales growth even with a lingering surplus of cannabis deflating prices.

Here are some other insights from MJ Research’s Washington State Recreational Cannabis Business Intelligence Dashboard:

  • There are currently 119 approved retail stores in Washington State and as of February 3rd 98 of these retail stores had recorded sales.
  • Combined Producer, Processor and Retailer monthly sales grew at 7.7% from $16.95M in December to $18.26M January. Retail sales had its slowest monthly growth in January at 8.8% from $11.47M to $12.49M. Producer/Processor sales recovered with 5.3% growth from $5.48M to $5.77M after a sharp drop in December following the fall harvest and recorded the second highest Producer/Processor monthly sales in January.
  • On a weekly basis sales continue to grow on a very healthy trend and for the week of February 28th combined Producer, Processor and Retailer sales shattered the week of January 11th’s record of $4.2M with sales for the week coming in at $5.9M.

If you are a producer, processor or retailer who would like to be a confidential data provider for the dashboard and receive custom business insights or would like more information about business intelligence and analytics feel free to contact Joe at joe@analyticallycorrect.com.


About Joe Armes: Joe is the founder of Analytically Correct, a data analytics services company that provides custom analytics solutions that transform data into insights to allow decision makers to focus on what adds most value. His passion is to work with organizations with deeply rooted causes to help them gain access to the knowledge needed to make timely and informed decisions.