Menifee City Council OKs Ordinance Against Mobile Marijuana Dispensaries

CALIFORNIA: Going against the protests of several area residents, Menifee City Council members tonight voted 4-1 to approve an ordinance prohibiting the presence of mobile marijuana dispensaries and delivery of marijuana from a mobile dispensary within city limits.

Julie Biggs, city attorney, told council members that this amendment to the Menifee Municipal Code was crafted using a recent ordinance by the City of Riverside as a model. Riverside is one of several California cities that have not only banned marijuana dispensary storefronts, but also the delivery of marijuana to residents by vans, trucks or other vehicles.

“Our problems are not necessarily with the product, but the fact that in many cities, there are regular muggings, robberies and crimes committed against these vans,” said Biggs, who referred to such incidents included in the written proposal. “It seems to be that when you allow mobile delivery of marijuana, these kinds of incidents happen.”

Biggs stressed that the ordinance does not prohibit the use of medical marijuana in Menifee. Citizens with the legal right to use medical marijuana still would be allowed to purchase it from a licensed medical professional. The question of local access to the drug by those prescribed to use it was of great concern to several speakers, however.

“I have heard your compassion expressed about other items tonight,” said Kathleen Zamanjahroni, who said she is a retired pediatric nurse and is a medical cannabis patient. “Please, please do not make your people go back to illegal means to obtain this drug. I have seen sick people put in jail because of such legislation. I don’t want to see our people go through this.”

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