MediSwipe Inc. Announces Registered Trademark for "Mello Meal" New Medical Secure Packaging Concept for Medicinal Dispensaries

CALIFORNIA:  MediSwipe Inc. (OTCQB: MWIP), a data management solutions company for the medicinal marijuana and health care industry, today announced that the Company has recently filed for a registered trademark for its new secure medical packaging concept “Mello Meal”™ to be used at medicinal dispensaries and on behalf of patients across the United States.

The Mello Meal ™ box provides a secure packaging concept in which medicinal dispensaries, caregivers and individual patients can now order medicine, edibles, beverages, etc. and secure the package in a medical “takeaway” box, which will be sealed with the patient’s ID number and strain of medicine.

MediSwipe shall license the brand “Mello Meal,” supply the packaging, specialized labeling system for caregivers and patients and provide non-THC beverages including the Company’s brand “Chillo” and “C+ Swiss” to patients.

The Company stresses that it provides a secure packaging method for patients and caregivers and has no part in the dispensing of medicine. Caregivers will have the unique ability to provide prepackaged meals with medicine, properly secured and label the packages for each individual patient identified through a custom label and seal.

MediSwipe will receive a royalty payment for each box and label as well as beverages sold. Presently the Company has taken orders for several thousand Mello Meal boxes. The boxes may additionally be customized for each dispensary and contain advertising for certifying physicians, or industry professionals.

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