Medical Marijuana Packaging Supplier Responds to an Increase in Demand of Dispensary Supplies

CALIFORNIA:  California dispensary supply and packaging company Vials On Demand has responded to recent developments in demand for medical marijuana packaging by moving to a new, much larger warehouse in order to better meet the producer’s every need. While the medical marijuana dispensaries in California are not state regulated, the number of American states now officially recognizing the value of prescribed medical marijuana for pain management by those suffering from chronic medical conditions recently reached 20 as governors in New Hampshire, Washington and Illinois approved new state laws.

The move from downtown Los Angeles to Commerce allows for the company to continue offering same day shipping to their local customers as well as the same speedy shipping to all other customers within the U.S.

Vials On Demand aims to support progress toward decriminalization by providing a “one-stop shop” to help customers meet all their production and packaging needs. The company, which prides itself in sourcing the very latest in products has taken the steps to move to a larger warehouse in order to ensure that they maintain adequate stock. Typical of Vials On Demand’s comprehensive range of containers and accessories are state of the art vaporizer pens designed specifically for the efficient use of potent wax or waxy oil concentrates – aside from that Vials On Demand is constantly receiving feedback from customers as to what the new “it” items are.

“It’s all the same thing as far as containers are concerned, so you have to offer something that’s different, anything that we find will attract customers we do it,” said a Vials On Demand company spokesperson earlier today.

Political progress continues, with Oregon’s governor the latest to sign off on a new law authorizing licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. The state joins Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada and New Hampshire who are all taking practical steps toward opening licensed dispensaries, while Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Maine, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, DC already have licensed medical marijuana dispensaries up and running.

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