Medical Marijuana News: CEO Fuels First ‘Indian Nations’ Weed Biz

If you are a Native American tribe with territory, you can grow as much medical marijuana there as you like.

CALIFORNIA:  If medical marijuana is outlawed in your state, you might want to try and figure out how close you are to a Native American reservation. Native Americans throughout the United States have started to make plans to be major medical marijuana industry leaders in 2015. The plans for Native American tribes to become major players in the medical marijuana industry took form after a non-enforcement statement was released to public by the Department of Justice in early December, 2014.

Could this bring medical marijuana users closer together than the new dating app for cannabis users? One of the main highlights about Native Americans gaining the right to grow and sell marijuana is that it increases availability for people living in non-medical marijuana states.

The original statement from the Department of Justice calls Native Americans “Indians,” and calls Native American reservations “Indian Country.” In regards to regulating federal laws about medical marijuana in “Indian Country,” the Department of Justice said their first priority for enforcement would be keeping minors from consuming marijuana.



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