Medical Marijuana In Illinois May Start Selling Next Week

ILLINOIS: FOX 32 has learned that Illinois‘ first legal shipments of medical marijuana could depart from grow houses as soon as Friday.

The man in charge of the state’s program told FOX 32 News that the first legal retail sales by dispensaries could come early next week, perhaps Monday. But a woman who worked tirelessly for years to legalize medical marijuana in Illinois is turning her back on the program.

Julie Falco has painful, incurable multiple sclerosis. Back when she could still walk, she was well known in the State Capitol as a tireless proponent of medical marijuana. But now with the program at the tipping point, she says she won’t be part of it.

“Still feel like a criminal because I’m getting fingerprinted. Even though I use a wheelchair. I’m on a walker. I can barely move during the day,” Falco said.


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