Medical Marijuana Goes On Sale In Sparks With Opening Of State’s First Dispensary


NEVADA:  Nevada residents racked with pains and disorders have another option to costly pharmaceutical drugs and procedures: a legal dose of marijuana.

Patients filled the lobby last Friday for the opening of Silver State Relief, a new clinic on east Greg Street in Sparks that specializes in selling medical marijuana.

Smoking marijuana for fun is illegal in Nevada. But sparking up a joint for medical use became legal in Nevada in 2000 thanks to a measure approved by voters. Obtaining the leafy herb was difficult for chronic pain sufferers, however. They had to grow their own or obtain it through other means.

Nevada changed that, with the Legislature approving a bill in 2013 to make medical-marijuana dispensaries legal, paving the way for Aron Swan, general manager of Silver State Relief, and his team to open the state’s first marijuana dispensary.

Read full article @ Daily Sparks Tribune


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