Medical Marijuana Firm Wonders Why It Fell Short

MASSACHUSETTS:  As the drama over the state’s foray into medical marijuana unfolds, G. Malik Burnett and Corey Barnette continue to wonder why exactly their effort to take part fell short.

Burnett and Barnette are two of the principals in Bay State Holistic, a company that had designs on distributing medical marijuana in the Worcester area. Their team boasted many of the qualities considered crucial to winning a license from the Department of Public Health, including an attractive location, experience in the field, and local support. They were also the only minority-owned firm in the competition.

Burnett is a Duke-educated physician with an MBA, while Barnette runs a major dispensary in Washington D.C., widely considered the most highly regulated medical marijuana market in the country. They understand the medical issues and have experience in government-regulated cultivation. What their company did not have were political connections or well-known lobbyists.

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