Medical Cannabis Activist Wants To Import ‘Ganja Oil’ Into Bermuda

BERMUDA:  Medical ganja activist Alan Gordon, in an open letter to Jamaica’s Health Minister copied to The Jamaica Gleaner, asked for a permit to export enough medical ganja oil extract for over 300 Bermuda cancer patients to have 18,000 large doses over a 2-3 month period.

Gordon says that Bermuda’s Cabinet has previously approved import permits from elsewhere on a per-patient basis, but were experiencing trouble with availability, price and quality which Jamaica seems well suited to alleviate.  Gordon also claims people medical tourists have already been quietly coming to Jamaica for illicit cancer treatments with cannabis oil, because it has shown great promise as a tumour-shrinking anti-cancer drug in hundreds of lab and live animal studies, and thousands of humans in the US, Canada, England, Australia, and elsewhere.  Gordon expressed his concern that many patients are too sick to come to Jamaica, and should not be denied access.

Gordon has also specified that the oil must be grown organically by Rastafarians, as a matter of social justice and “fair trade” principles.  Gordon says he is not a Rastafarian but says that after the gravely ill patients, first consideration must be given to Rastafarians as a way of expressing society’s remorse for oppression of Rastafarians under the old laws.


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