Mark Zekulin: Vancouver’s Pot Plan Would Create More Problems

The difference between an illegal dispensary and a legal, regulated licensed producer is that much of the cost associated with regulated product goes toward maintaining clean, pharmaceutical-standard growing operations and ensuring that every product is tested, pesticide-free and properly labelled.

CANADA:  The proliferation of marijuana dispensaries in Vancouver is indeed troubling. And while I applaud Coun. Kerry Jang’s desire to take action by regulating these shops, I believe his approach and rationale are entirely misguided.

Jang justifies the existence of illegal dispensaries based on an incorrect assertion of affordability. We cannot make a sweeping assertion that dispensaries offer cheaper cannabis than legal, regulated licensed producers.

Even Dana Larsen, director of Vancouver’s Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary and Director of the Sensible B.C. decriminalization campaign has said that dispensary prices are approximately $8 a gram, something that is easy to verify online.

The average cost of a gram sold by Tweed since we opened our doors is under $8 thanks to competitive pricing and a compassionate pricing program, whereby individuals with limited incomes or on government support have access to products for as little as $4.80 per gram.

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