Marijuana Software Company Allows Pot Businesses To Liaise With Banks

COLORADO:  A Kansas City, Mo.-based software company has come up with a way to enable marijuana dispensaries to do business with banks.

Agrisoft Development Group is beta testing kiosks in a dispensary in Northglenn, Colo. that will allow customers to order and pay for weed, then have armored vehicles pick up the cash and deliver it to banks. The company also provides seed-to-sale tracking software to help its customer comply with Colorado laws.

When arriving at a dispensary, a patient or retail client scrolls through a list of products, including photos and pricing, inserts his identification card and feeds cash into a bill acceptor, which will provide change if needed. Customers also have the option of using a debit card.

The kiosk verifies payment and identification before printing out a receipt for the customer to take to the counter to get the product. At the end of the day, an armored truck service picks up the cash from the kiosk and delivers it directly to the dispensary’s bank.


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