Marijuana Seed Companies After Legalization

. People everywhere are going to know what a marijuana seed looks like before long.

By Paul Morgan

It’s a controversial subject that has raised a lot of questions and debate. Should marijuana be legalized? Sixty three percent of Americans seem to think so. So, what will this mean for the already thriving seed business, or cannabis industry itself for that matter?

As of 2016, so far five states have legalized recreational use of marijuana. This is great news for cannabis users in Alaska, Colorado, Washington, the District of Columbia, and Oregon. Seed banks have been thriving under the thresholds of medical marijuana and overseas business for years, but now something new is happening in public opinion and the cannabis industry may come to your state too. Seed banks are already popping up all across the US, and people everywhere are starting to grow cannabis in these legal zones. It isn’t without its restrictions yet, but some seed banks are going as far as giving out free seeds just to get the movement of marijuana normalization well under way. There hasn’t been this much talk of marijuana in politics since the 1960’s.

It’s free to grow a certain amount of plants in some areas now, but how will this effect the neighboring states where marijuana is still illegal? Marijuana users in most states are still fighting for decriminalization. Perhaps this will broaden the view of marijuana in those prohibition states as well. As we learned from alcohol, once prohibition is overturned there is no going back. This might be difficult for some parents and leaders who fear this change, but it will no doubt work itself out in a way that everyone can be satisfied, as it has before. Once the industry is booming, it will be too costly to stop.

One day marijuana will be an indestructible source of revenue for our country. As for now, seed farmers and scientists are on the edge of their seat in non-legal states. Legalization will most likely make a difference in countless lives as the ones who have prepared so long for this, and those who have eagerly awaited the result, have their dreams come true. They know that their time is approaching, and that it will be good for cannabis growers and users alike. People everywhere are going to know what a marijuana seed looks like before long.

Paul is a marijuana enthusiast with 5 years worth of experience working in this industry. He started by trying to grow something for himself and now he is trying to educate people about marijuana seeds, stores, breeders and brands as a content manager at CannabisOwl.




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