Marijuana Media On Fire As Legalized Pot Gains Popularity

CALIFORNIA:  The next time you open a magazine you could find an ad for cannabis filling the pages. Media focusing on cannabis is on the rise as the spread of legalization has created a demand for cannabis industry news.

Last month, for example, a local San Francisco magazine premiered filled with stories about pot-friendly politicians and even included a comic book strip starring a joint smoking dinosaur named Budzilla. The free publication, the SF Evergreen, is a bet by the company that owns The San Francisco Examiner that people will want to hear the latest news and stories related to marijuana.

“We think it’s well past time for an industry of this size to have media dedicated to it,” said Chris Roberts, SF Evergreen’s editor.

The SF Evergreen is just one of the latest in a recent boom in marijuana related media that has emerged from the black market as the use of plant gains more legitimacy.

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