Marijuana Loophole In Colorado Under Scrutiny

COLORADO: Colorado lawmakers are debating whether they should close a loophole in the state’s marijuana laws that could allow pot growers to pay far less in taxes by registering as the medical marijuana caregivers.

Colorado’s chief medical officer and the head of the agency that regulates marijuana businesses asked a panel of legislators Tuesday to examine the laws that regulate pot suppliers who provide the drug to people on the medical registry.

They say some caregivers have large operations with up to 100 patients, with hundreds of marijuana plants, and are essentially commercial growers skirting proper oversight. Caregivers, they note, can sell marijuana to medical patients at the 2.9 percent tax rate, while recreational pot carries a 25 percent state tax, in addition to local taxes.

The state’s top medical officer, Dr. Larry Wolk, said high-volume marijuana caregivers are violating the spirit of the law.

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