Marijuana Is A Boomer Business

COLORADO:  In his dark suit and red tie, Washington State Rep. Roger Goodman (D) could have been speaking to bankers or programmers. His audience of graying men (there were only a few women) wore coats, ties and khakis and sat in neat rows of black chairs in a basement ballroom at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center last month.

The buttoned-up crew was there for two days of networking and learning, a scene that would be mundane if not for the industry the conference was promoting, a product that’s illegal for most Americans and citizens of the world. “I used to be the oldest person in the room at these events,” Goodman told the audience for his panel about marijuana legalization and regulation at the Cannabis Business Summit. “I’m not anymore. That’s quite a shift.”

The crowd, just shy of 1,000 people, was a far cry from the unrulier bunch that gathers for KushCon and Cannabis Cup. Not a bong or a bud could be found on the expo floor.


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