Marijuana Dispensaries Sprout Despite Uncertainties

MICHIGAN:  Steve Green, 37, is a medical marijuana patient with a particular distinction.

Green has visited about 30 dispensaries currently open in Lansing and often jokes it only takes “two jars of pot and a lease” to get a local business started.

“There are no guidelines; there’s no licensing procedure,” said Green, a Michigan medical marijuana cardholder since 2010. “It’s kind of great because it allows for true commerce to take place. But it also allows people from other areas to seek haven.”

Lansing doesn’t have a licensing process for medical marijuana dispensaries, despite City Council’s passage of an ordinance in 2011 regulating the businesses. At least 30 businesses applied for licenses that year, according to the City Clerk’s Office, but the Court of Appeals struck down dispensaries as a violation of state law.

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