Marijuana Business Association (MJBA) Founder to Provide Valuable Guidance for WeedHire & Cannabis Industry

NEW JERSEY:  WeedHire today announced that it has selected David Rheins as a member of its Cannabis Industry Advisory Board.

David Rheins is founder of the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA). The MJBA a.k.a. “Chamber of Commerce of Cannabis”­ provides intelligence, ethical business practices and networking for participants in the legal marijuana, mmj and hemp industries.

A proven business leader with 25+ years’ experience building and operating best-of-breed media and marketing organizations, Mr. Rheins has an impressive track record in growing new business and revenues for Internet, media, and advertising sales organizations including Rolling Stone, SPIN, iVillage, Corbis, Time Warner and America Online.

“We are privileged to bring Mr. Rheins on board to assist us in navigating the direction of both WeedHire as well as employment within the legal marijuana industry.” Stated David Bernstein CEO of WeedHire. “This partnership makes sense as we share the same ideals as the MJBA which is to establish integrity and legitimacy, create common market standards, provide market intelligence, and develop best ethical business practices for participants in the emerging legal marijuana industry – including commercial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana for adults. David’s commitment to the betterment of the industry is un-parallel in his work within the MJBA.” Bernstein added.

“The legal cannabis industry is acting as a giant economic engine that will provide thousands of high-paying new jobs for a diverse workforce. It is my honor to join with to help create the innovative technology and business programs needed to support this emerging marketplace.” Stated David Rheins, Founder & CEO of the MJBA. was launched in May 2014 as the premier marijuana jobs site for the legal cannabis industry